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Today, digital solutions are integral to every organization’s transformation. Are you looking to implement one or more of Docaposte’s solutions? Our training courses and expert trainers are here to to help you and your teams get started, ensuring continuous support along the way.

Electronic voting encourages participation and increases accessibility. Docaposte’s solutions comply with confidentiality and fair voting regulations.

Our training courses enable you to master our solution, which will in turn streamline and secure the organization of your elections.

From July 2024, electronic invoicing will be mandatory for B2B transactions.
Docaposte offers a complete solution for the entire digitalization process, from automation to security.

Our training courses enable you to quickly understand and implement the solution.

Docaposte’s robust and regulatory-compliant electronic signature will simplify and accelerate your exchanges with clients, suppliers, and staff.

Our training courses enable you to speed up the digitalization process and become more agile moving forward.

Electronic document management systems are one of the most popular solutions for dematerializing, filing, managing, storing and distributing electronic documents.

Our training courses allow you to easily adopt our EDM solutions to automate document processes while preserving all of your company’s documents.

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