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Docaposte Institute is a Qualiopi-certified professional training organization


We believe that professional training is the key to helping individuals and organizations thrive in an ever-changing digital environment.
Professional training is dynamic; it fosters talent development, boosts employability, and enhances employee engagement.
As such, we are dedicated to providing innovative training that is both practical and personalized, enabling your employees to acquire the right digital skills.

Our aim is to become a trusted partner for companies and public institutions seeking to enhance their employees’ digital skills. To achieve this, we utilize the latest technology and teaching methods, tailored to the unique needs of each learner.


Docaposte Institute is a digital skills accelerator for companies and public institutions investing in their digital transition

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To ensure that everyone can enjoy a simple, seamless and secure digital experience in their daily lives, Docaposte supports companies and public institutions in their digital journey, enabling them to transform in full confidence. An expert in sensitive data processing, Docaposte benefits from its unique position in the market which allows it to meet the entirety of a client’s needs from end to end. By acting across the whole data value chain, Docaposte is able to create a unique chain of trust. Docaposte’s mission is to provide you with the safest and most secure digital journey possible.

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Our team

Our team is passionate about the transmission of knowledge. We are fully committed to accompanying you and addressing the needs of learners throughout the entire training process.

Business engineers

A friendly point of contact, always ready to listen. Here to understand your training needs and ensure that you are satisfied at every step of the way.

Learning experts

In charge of developing and approving teaching materials and tools. The guarantors of training quality.

Learning managers

Designers of tailor-made courses who ensure that the choice of formats and tools is appropriate for the needs of learners.

Admin team

Here to adapt to your way of working and to take care of logistics, including planning and billing.

Communication team

Here to help you communicate about your training by providing you with attractive communication kits for your employees.

We make professional training a key success factor for our clients' digital transformation.